Quantum Computer Solutions cc is a web development company. Founded in 2005, it has grown in providing innovative and quality solutions to its clients.

Our philosophy is to provide our clients with tailored solutions to their needs. This has lead to Research and Development being our core activity to fulfill this purpose.

With our motto "Quality Service", Quantum Computer Solutions is determined to provide our clients with nothing else but quality.


Nowadays it is essential to market and provide information about your company or organsation on the internet. Websites allow you to do this. Websites are an easy and reliable way to disseminate information about your company or organisation, not only here in your town or country, but all over the world.

In order to attract people to your website, the way it is designed is crucial. Depending on which crowd you want to attract, attributes such as colours and images used, and the layout of the website needs to be thought of properly.

That is where we come in. We have experienced graphic designers who work hand in hand with equally well experienced programmers. The combination of the two allows us to deliver to you a visually attractive and highly dynamic website.

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To get a website up and running you need to get it designed. After that you will need to register a domain name (e.g. www.mycompany.com) plus a web hosting space were the website will be hosted. For your own convenience we offer all these services.

ERP Solution Custom Applications
In order to run you business efficiently you need a fast way to track your time, manage expenses and invoice your clients. We offer an ERP solution based on SQL-Ledger that will make this a reality. We offer SQL-Ledger setup, training and support. Apart from not paying any licence fees, SQL-Ledger offers the following advantages:
  • SQL-Ledger® is a double entry accounting system. Accounting data is stored in a SQL database server, for the display any text or GUI browser can be used.
  • SQL-Ledger is platform independant and runs on any *NIX, Mac or Windows computer.
  • SQL-Ledger can be accessed remotely so people can be in different parts of a city, country or across the world.
  • Templates for invoices, orders, income statements, etc. can be modified to suit. SQL-Ledger can also be used with LaTeX to produce PDF or postscript.
  • Documents can be sent to a printer, file or fax, emailed or displayed on screen.

Are you facing a situation where you or your organisation/company requires a software solution to cater for specific needs but cannot find any off-the-shelf software package to do so? We can certainly come to your aid. We are geared to build custom desktop, web based and mobile applications on Windows and Linux/Unix platforms.

Our competencies encompass the following technologies:

  • MySQL, Postgres and Oracle database programming and administration
  • PHP web application programming
  • C, C++ desktop/mobile application development
  • Mobile Applications


Namibia Football Association
Redesign the NFA website introducing a modern look and a CMS to allow for easy updates by the NFA staff members.
  • Drupal CMS
  • Events Management
  • News and Announcements
  • Picture Gallery
View website:
Association of Local Authorities in Namibia
Design a website to disseminate information on the activities of the association to Local Authorities in Namibia and abroad.
  • Events Management
  • Reports archive
  • News and Announcements
View website:
Institute of Public Policy and Research
Design a website based to manage and determinate IPPR's research articles.
  • Document Management built on PHP and MySQL
  • Static HTML pages
View website:
Election Watch
The Election Watch website was designed to display data on Namibian elections in a manner that any person can easily interpret . This was achieved by summarizing the raw data and displaying it using interactive maps. The site also publishes articles on current elections related news.
  • Content Management System
  • Interactive maps
  • Live Blog
  • Mobile version of site
  • Document Management
  • RSS Syndication
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Mobile: +27 834101248